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Human Resource

Do you want to work with us?

To invest in human and technology to reveal cost efficient, high quality products with continuous improvement principle.
Being aware of social responsibilities, environmental awareness and to do what they need.
To keep customers pleasure at the highest level.
Always trying to enrich to work and people.


Our human resources policy

1)To use manpower ( human power) efficiently according to our goals.
2)Providing all the needs of our employees and ensuring their developments.
3)Adopting the principle of human behavior in all our activities with the awareness that the biggest competitive advantage is manpower.
4)Adopting the principle of equality with 'the right person for the right job' and 'equal pay for equal work'.
6)To prepare proper educational environments to prepare the 'information person' who can fulfill the requirements of the age in the best way.
7)Human relations, employee satisfaction, career plans, performance evoluation
8)To carry out human-oriented functions such as recruitment and adoptation programs.
9)To provide that all our employees unite around common goals.
10)Keeping the motivation level high of our employees.
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